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Welcome to Bad Boy Bail Bonds Montana, your passport to freedom. Our roots trace back to 2005, beginning as a brainchild of our visionary CEO, John Jay Willoughby, and today, flourishing under the dedicated leadership of decorated expert, John J. Looney Sr.

John, a Babb, MT native, is more than just a leader. He's an industry influencer, experienced educator, and seasoned entrepreneur. His journey, beginning with a distinguished military career and traversing through law enforcement in the civilian sector, culminated in his triumphant rise in the bail bonds industry. Currently, as the President of the Montana Bail Agents Association and the National Association of Bail Agents Chair for Montana, John's far-reaching influence extends well beyond our organization.

Now, why choose us? We believe that time is freedom, and we're dedicated to getting you back to your life as swiftly as possible. With our committed team, providing 24/7 bail bond services every day of the year, you're never alone in your time of need. We're always ready, always willing, and equipped to guide you through the process with professionalism and understanding.

Our services aren't limited by geography or jurisdiction. Whether you're in the expansive landscapes of Montana or anywhere else in the nation, we've got you covered. Navigating through federal, state, county, or city courts? We've got the expertise to assist you.

At Bad Boy Bail Bonds, we're not just a business; we're a beacon of hope in challenging times. Our dedication to providing top-tier service has earned us the respect and trust of countless clients and attorneys. We don't just get you out on bail; we strive to bring you peace of mind.

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Over the years, we've helped thousands return home and reclaim their lives. We understand the whirlpool of emotions that can accompany an arrest, and we're here to ease your burden. We accept a plethora of payment methods, including Visa/Mastercard, Discover, American Express, money orders, certified checks, and cash.

Trust your freedom to the agency that values it as much as you do. Reach out to Bad Boy Bail Bonds Montana today, and let us guide you back to freedom! Because there's no place like home.

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"Verda helped us out late at night and has absolutely been amazing to work with in a not great situation. No one ever wants to have to call a bail bondman. but if you ever do Bad Boy Bail Bonds are top notch. They are informative and very helpful"

"Bad Boy’s has always been extremely professional and prompt. Verta (Gallatin County) has always been nothing less that 100% respectful, never made us feel shamed or uncomfortable and an absolute pleasure to work with. Thank you Verta, John and Bad Boys Bail Bonds."

"I think they are you the best bails bondsman there is. Unfortunately most of them do not want to give you a chance, but Bad Boys gives you a chance."

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Bail Bond Financing In Montana

Do you need a quote or cash to purchase a bail bond in Montana? Our lending partners help family members finance their loved one's release from pre-trial detention by offering emergency loans for bail premiums up to $5,000. Funds are for posting bail bonds and immigration bonds in Montana. If you cannot afford bail, family members and friends can raise bail money by applying for a bail loan from one of our lenders.

Start the emergency bail bond loan process and have Bad Boy Bail Bonds post bail for their loved one's immediate release from jail. Unfortunately, you cannot get someone out of jail for free without cash or paying the bond that a judge orders. Bad Boy Bail Bonds will require the full bail bond premium payment, ten percent of the total bail. 10% bail bonds may be offered based on the case, location (state, county, or city), collateral, and a qualified co-signer. No collateral bail bonds in Montana are also offered. We will not post a cash-only bond.

Our lending partners will contact you to explain the terms of your bail bonds installment plan clearly.

Our lending partners' financing options may be used for any legal-related purpose, including retaining a criminal defense attorney, electronic home detention monitoring service, and GPS electronic ankle bracelet monitoring equipment.

Family members rely on our lender's loans to cover the cost of a bail bond and Bad Boy Bail Bonds to bail someone out of jail, offering financing and payment options for bail bonds, immigration bonds, electronic home detention monitoring service, and legal-related purposes, such as retaining an attorney in Montana.

The benefits of financing your bail bond through our lending partners and us are that your bond premium is paid in full, you will never fall behind in payments to your bondsman, and you risk violating the terms of your bail bond and being re-arrested or revoked. You will never be asked for collateral on a bond premium. Don't risk losing your car or other valuables through less reputable bond agencies that don't give you clear terms and threaten jail when you're late with or can't make your premium payment.

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